Remote Hotel Sales Service

With our Remote Hotel Sales Service, we become an extension of your team while effectively partnering with the operations team, management company, owners and on-site sales team to maximize profits and elevate sales presence in each market.

Our customized sales approach helps us to laser focus on the individual needs of each property where we develop long term sales strategies and provide a reliable and constant sales presence within your market. We assume the role of an on-site Director of Sales, but do it remotely. We handle everything that an on-site Director of Sales is responsible for with the exception of outside sales calls and site tours. However, we work with the on-site sales champion to execute those two activities. We enable hotels to have all of the benefits of an on-site Director of Sales without the overhead.

Hotel success is dependent upon numerous things; location, brand marketing, customer service, guest feedback, social media, etc.  Successful hotels recognize the value of an experienced sales professional and understand that the sales team is integral in capturing more of your fair share in the market. Our goal is to drive incremental sales revenue through the execution of corporate negotiated rates and group business.


Do you have a vacancy or newly hired “green” salesperson who needs training?

Who is out there proactively generating new demand for your establishment?

What are you doing outside of the obvious that contributes to generating new business?

Opening a new hotel, changing to a new brand or re-positioning your hotel?


Don’t let incoming leads fall through the cracks or be the responsibility of your front desk staff. Let an experienced sales professional close the deal and secure the business for you. We offer long-term and short-term solutions to fit whatever needs you have.

Utilizing our services strategically places a champion who possesses the expertise, business acumen, creativity and knowledge to proactively seek out and uncover new opportunities and partnerships locally and nationally for your establishment.  Our focus is your future, creating awareness and providing memorable experiences for return business that in turn promotes for future business.

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